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Margaret Tietze (a graduate from Manchester College of Art) is the director of Group 75. This group of professional artists was formed in 1975 but over the years the membership has changed. There are now 10 artists (5 men and 5 women) who work in a variety of media. The group tours its exhibitions, both in the UK and abroad. Past tours have included major galleries in Wales, London, Newcastle upon Tyne, Inverness and Somerset. See full CV.

Margaret works in an experimental way allowing the materials to influence the solution. The final pieces follow exploratory drawings in charcoal or oil bars. They vary in size from small collages often semi-sculptural or boxed collections, to larger montages of photocopied and printed images. These are used to add metaphorically to the narrative.


Download Childhood Lost and Found (pdf) In 2006, I completed a memoir that documented my early years, from childhood to marriage. It was a period that included the second world war, and was interesting in my case because I and my sister were among the relatively few ‘optional’ child evacuees who were able to spend the war years in the dominions. In our case our destination was South Africa. I left for South Africa at the age of twelve, in 1940, and returned when I was seventeen. In many ways, these five years away were the happiest time of my early life and they are documented in this memoir. Before my sister and I left for South Africa and during our absence, our mother kept all the correspondence she received regarding the child evacuation process. Some of this documentation is reprinted in the appendix to this memoir, which is available here for those interested in the history of private lives in the early twentieth century.

Download Childhood Lost and Found (pdf)

Margaret Tietze – Selected Works

Seated Figure, oil on paper, 84x60cm.

On The Town, oil on paper, 84x60cm.

Untitled 2, oil on paper, 84x60cm.

In the Morning, oil on paper, 84x60cm.

Dorothy's Butterflies, mixed media, 25x13cm

The Manicure, oil on paper, 84x60cm.

Red and Blue Figure, oil on paper, 84x60cm.

After the Flood, collage, 84x60cm.

Autumn, Plas Newydd, mixed media, 30x30cm.

Untitled, mixed media, 20x20cm.

Wild Flowers, mixed media, 11x11cm.

Time Passing, mixed media.

Letters From Abroad, mixed media, 30x35cm.

Love Affair 2, mixed media.

Love Affair, mixed media.

Through The Winter, mixed media, 30x30cm.
Recent work – Collages from digital prints

The Model, collage, 84x59cm.

The Bathers, collage, 84x59cm.

My Car, collage, 84x59cm.

The Entrance, collage, 84x59cm.

Edward in the Garden, collage, 84x59cm.

Cousins, collage, 84x59cm.

Untitled, collage, 84x59cm.

Untitled 2, collage, 84x59cm.
Margaret Tietze – Curriculum Vitae
  • Natal Technical College School of Art, South Africa
  • Manchester Regional College of Art - DA, NDD, ATD
  • Chester City High School for Girls/Queen's Park High School, Chester
  • Howells School, Denbigh (Head of Art)
  • Oldham Municipal School of Art
  • College of Art, Wrexham
  • Cartrefle College, NEWI, Wrexham. Visiting Lecturer
Other Experience
  • Photographer at Cowdrey and Moss, Manchester Square, London
  • Educational Advisor and author for BBC Educational Development
Selected Exhibitions Recent Open Exhibitions
  • 2010 Royal Cambrian Academy
  • 2010 North Wales Open, Theatre Clwyd, Mold
  • 2010 'Welsh Artist of the Year', St David's Hall, Cardiff
  • 1986 Women's Art in Wales, Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno
  • 2003/4 'The Insiders'. A touring exhibition initiated by Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown
  • 2004 Manchester Academy Open Exhibition
  • 2009 Denbigh Library Art Gallery: 'People in Wales'.
  • 2010 Rhyl Arts Centre: 'Climate Change'.
Two Person
  • 1990 With Boris Tietze 'People, Land and Work' - Bersham Industrial Heritage Centre
  • 1992 With Christine Kinsey 'American Postscript' - Bersham Industrial Heritage Centre
  • 1994 With Boris Tietze 'Two Views' at Easton State Theatre Gallery, PA, USA and Haupert Union Gallery, Bethlehem, USA
  • 1995 With Boris Tietze 'Recent Work' - 3 venues in Wales
  • 1995 With Boris Tietze 'Working Womem' - 3 venues in Wales
  • 1998 With Boris Tietze 'Drawings at Berham Industrial Heritage Centre
  • 1999 With Boris Tietze 'Drawings and Paintings' at Denbigh Library Art Gallery
  • October 2008 'A Welsh Connection' at Bersham Heritage Centre
  • April 2008 'Ladies of Llangollen' at Plas Newydd
  • 2001/2002 'From Coal to Computers', 3 venue exhibition in N.Wales
  • April 2009 'Wild Wales', Plas Newydd, Llangollen

Director of Group 75 arranging major tours in 1991, 1993
'American Exchange' at Philadelphia and Bethlehem, PA, USA

  • 1995/6 'Dialogue' Touring exhibition - 6 venues in UK
  • 1998/9 'Homeland' 8 venue tour in UK. 5 members of Group 75 with 3 artists from S.Africa
  • 1999/2001 '10 +4' A Touring Exhibition in the UK. 8 Venues. Exhibition included the work of 4 graduate students
  • 2001 - 2003 'Spirit of the Place'. A Touring Exhibition to 9 venues, 7 in Wales and 2 in South Africa. Exhibition included the work of 4 invited African artists.
  • 2002 - 2004 'Ordnance Survey' A Touring Exhibition to 4 venues
  • 2003 'Recent Work' An exhibition at Royal International Pavilion by Group 75
  • 2005 - 2006 'Open Prospect' A Touring Exhibition by Group 75 to 6 venues including work by 2 African artists
  • 2005 'Signs Of Age' at Bersham Industrial Heritage Centre Artists - Lynne Bebb, Tracey Ann Williams, Margaret Tietze, Boris Tietze
  • 2007 'Recent Work' - Mixed media exhibition by Group 75 - at Royal International Pavilion, Llangollen
  • 2008 'Double Vision'

Tours with invited artists from South Africa:

  • 'Homeland'
  • 'Spirit of the Place'
  • 'Open Prospect'
Forthcoming exhibitions
  • 'Literary Ladies and Kindred Spirits', Plas Newydd, Llangollen, May 2011.
  • Illustrator and author of Teachers' Booklet for BBC series on Charles Rennie Mackintosh
  • Illustrator and author of Teachers' Booklet for BBC series 'Date with an Artist'
  • Works in private collections in UK, USA, Spain and S.Africa
  • Work in public collection in Stellenbosch University Gallery, South Africa

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